iOS Newsletter #4: I have tried switching from Xcode to AppCode for iOS programming

This week: rubbing shoulders with Xcode competitor AppCode, Swifty Android programming with Kotlin and more than you'll ever need to know about Sequence and Collection. Oh, and please, let's NOT change fileprivate and private again.

I have tried switching from Xcode to AppCode for iOS programming

By @NicoSchuele

Nico Schuele tries what I have attempted on and off ever since I switched back to Xcode for Swift development: trying and failing to use recent versions of AppCode for iOS development. JetBrains keeps at it, but they can't seem to nail Swift for some reason. AppCode for Objective-C was a blessing back in the day, though!

I think I'll take a rain check for now.

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Kickstarter ❤ Kotlin

By @luoser

Are you Android-curious? I know I am. This is an interesting post about Kotlin, JetBrain's JVM-compatible programming language. Rather Swift-like, if you ask me.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection

By @khanlou

Soroush Khanlou explains Swift's Sequence and Collection protocols in plain and simple terms — in 25 minutes!

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Architecting for Features

By @natashatherobot

Natasha The Robot musing about an ideal world, where we develop features instead of monolithic apps. This inevitably leads to modularity, which is still a tricky thing in the Swift world, with CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager all contending for a place in the dependency management space.

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SE #0159: Fixing Private Access Levels (Again™)

Via @Apokrupto

I'm no fan of fileprivate either, but uprooting Swift's access levels again is pure 😱.

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Nuts & Bolts

By GitHub/ZevEisenberg

Need a quick way to clear out your iOS simulators? xcrun simctl erase all my poison of choice.

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Hyper Terminal →

An amazingly extensible Mac Terminal replacement, based on HTML/CSS/JS. In A Good Way.

Deploying Server Side Swift to Linode

By @iamjono

Jono is back with a server-side Swift piece on deploying to Linode.

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