iOS Newsletter #3: Why I Don’t Use Storyboards

This week: among other things, why storyboards should go take a hike, and how to unit test them if you do decide to use them (or not).

Why I Don’t Use Storyboards

By @bobleesj

Storyboards remain a hot-button topic in the iOS developer community. It's one of those discussions that never ends, because there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. I've done many-a-project with and without storyboards, and I still prefer programmatic layouts for most apps.

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Unit Testing — UIView with Nimble+Snapshot

By @kzinnnn

Ah, unit testing, an elusive ideal to work toward. I keep trying, and conversely keep failing at integrating it into my daily development process. Rodrigo Cavalcante sheds some light on view unit testing with Nimble and snapshots.

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Faster Together: Uber Engineering’s iOS Monorepo

By @alanzeino

Super interesting article by Alan Zeino from Uber about how they moved from a multi-repo setup to a monolithic repository using Facebook Buck (never heard about this one!). They achieved massive performance gains by moving away from Cocoapods and combining the multitude of separate Git repositories they had set up for their various internal dependencies.

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The font of all... well, some knowledge

By @Apokrupto

Dynamic Type for custom fonts: I did this myself recently and wanted to write a post about it myself, but Warren Gavin beat me to the punch.

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That One Optional Property

By @khanlou

Another great write-up by Khanlou, on an alternative to scattering optionals all over the place, in order to wedge in a new bit of behavior. He proposes to use promises instead.

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Nuts & Bolts

Scade: Cross-Platform mobile development with Swift

By @iamjono

This is wild. Scade is a cross-platform (iOS, Android) app development framework powered by… Swift. It's currently in private beta. You can request access by joining their Slack channel.

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Getting Started with Server Side Swift: 1.1

By @iamjono

A step-by-step introduction to using Swift on the server using Perfect.

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Robots with legs are getting ready to walk among us

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iOS Newsletter #4: I have tried switching from Xcode to AppCode for iOS programming

How to run SwiftLint autocorrect on each Git commit

How to run SwiftLint autocorrect on each Git commit