iOS Newsletter #2: Every time you add a Pod, an angel loses its wings

This week in.. stuff that's dying: why relying on third-party frameworks is killing angels, why UITableView is dying and why memory leaks are killing your app.

Every time you add a Pod, an angel loses its wings

By @amIcurran

My opinion about third-party dependencies isn't as strong as Alex Curran's, but he does make several valid points. In particular with regard to Swift… I love the idea of becoming a better developer by reimplementing others' work. However, it may be a little too idealistic for the real world. You know, deadlines and all.

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The Case for Deprecating UITableView

By @steipete & @_mochs

UITableView's days appear to be numbered, as Apple apparently quietly shipped a private table-based layout for UICollectionView in iOS 10. Inertia may still be holding back UITableView's deprecation for now, but it's coming for sure. Perhaps in iOS 11?

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Introducing Twitter Image Pipeline iOS framework for open source

By @NolanOBrien

(Yet?) Another image caching framework for iOS. However, the fact that it's from Twitter lends it some credibility. Or benefit of the doubt 😉.

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Understanding Memory Leaks in Closures

By @estremsdoerfer

Emilien Stremsdoerfer delivers a good refresher on the cause of many-a-memory leak: retain cycles in closures. He lists some great example code snippets too.

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Nuts and Bolts

Tools and frameworks I came across which may be interesting:


Anytime I need to draw some circley thingie in iOS I scratch my head. It comes up infrequently, so I usually need to relearn the particulars of CAShapeLayer over and over again. This time, I turned to RPCircularProgress. It's a neat little single-file library for displaying and animating circular progress indicators. Yes, a sweet little angel just lost its wings, and I happen to think it was well worth it.

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Via @walkingsmarts: A collection of extra slick animation projects on iOS.

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Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

Via @charlesismcom

Oh dear! But yeah, Microsoft continues to make progress…

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